Friday, December 10, 2010

Show Cave 12.10.2010

Show Cave 12.10.2010

The Secret Society of the Sonic Six

Approaching their 10th year in existence, (((6))) continue to generate new sounds, complicate the combinations & pursue their acute mistrust of taste-makers. Tonight's performance introduces W.D's bass clarinet work, a long time obsession finally finding its way into the Six's sonics. Dec 10th also re-introduces the 8-bit video monitor light show that the band first attempted @ M/R/X some time ago.  A retooled "Strangers" and the never-before-attempted "Blame & Blood" expand the set list, which features pieces from every stage of the band's history. (((6))) will be offering merchandise before and after their set.

Orlando Greenhill

Orlando Greenhill has been playing music most of his life and is most known for playing bass in "ecclecticlashers", Havalina Rail Co and free improv collective Create(!). He's performed with a very diverse array of artist from Yoshida Tastsuya (Ruins /Zeni Geva/ Koenjihyakei), Eva O (Christian Death /Shadow Project) as well as recorded with a diverse of amount of artists such as producer Omid Walizadeh (Freestyle Fellowship/Beneath the Surface) and band Mewithoutyou. He also has also developed music education programs that have been demonstrated in schools, parks, and parties etc.... Out of these programs, came the Sound Army, a conglomeration featuring many of his students and contributors to these programs. As a performer, he utilizes anything and everything he can, including the audience. His goal is to show that everything is musical and anything can be an instrument- music isn’t far away, its amongst us and it is us. Orlando will be performing solo improv and composed contra bass for the first half and for the second half He will be joined by musicians Ramon Banda (Phobia/Flattbush/Long Suffering) on drums and ChukkkK Stevens (Penence) on guitars. other instrumentalists include YOU!


ssleeperhold is Jose Cota of Medio Mutante.  Tonight will mark the second ssleeperhold performance following last month's debut here at the regal Show Cave. After a lengthy stretch of inactivity Jose has developed new themes and ideas in his synthesis and programming.
enter ssleeperhold.

Virgo Rising

Virgo Rising is an Experimental Artistic outlet serving and created by Jeanelle Mastema. Various forms are explored such as Audio/Video, Art Performance, Body Piercing, short films, Fire performance, live music and collaborations with other Artists. Tonites collaboration includes the metal act, WIND SKAR and Ace Farren Ford (Smegma, EXP...)