Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steiner Video Stills

Baby Chicks Living On The Lot
Guy Getting His Portrait Shot
Mama Foraging For Her Chicks

Today was the first day of shooting for our upcoming "Steiner" Video.  These scenes were shot on location in Compton, CA.  Steiner will be released as a very limited lathe cut record later this summer.
Chickens Looking For A Handout

Phil and Rufo Go Over Moves
Eating Cookie Crumbs
Mama & Chick

Alayne Taking It All In
Mama & Chick

Ivanka Not Having It
Rufo Getting Into Character
Ivanka Watching The Razor Lesson

Phil Getting Into Character

Razor Grip #2
Guy & Sylvian Practicing Slash Maneuver

Phil Attacks
"Steiner" Holds A Pose

You've Got To Mean It When Using A Razor
Slash Grip

Finishing Him Off

Damon Gets A Groin Slash


Carter Capturing A Moment
Steiner Presents Syl With A Real Blade
Matt Gets His Portrait Shot

Phil Gets A Break
Sharpening His Blade

Sylvian Checks Out The Blade
Damon On Glass

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