Friday, September 21, 2012

Pick Up 12" Now Available At Permanent Records LA/Chicago

"Genre bending and blending indeed.... this record weaves together elements of minimal electro, alienated acid house drum machines and Antarctic-cold synths in a perfect mixture of influence and progression. Taking the recent influx of cold/dark/minimal electronic music in new directions, Secret Society of the Sonic Six surely won't disappoint if you've been digging anything else labels like Dark Entries, Minimal Wave, and Something Cold have put out recently. Best played at maximal volume!"
-Permanent Records (Click here to read entire review and/or purchase item)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

(((6))) Northwest Tour Dates!!!

5 dates w/ Headless Lizzy & Her Ice Box Pussy!

Friday, Sept 7th- Oakland, CA
Monday, Sept 10th- Portland, OR
Wed, Sept 12th- Seattle, WA
Thursday, Sept 13th- Tacoma, WA
Friday, Sept 14th- Olympia, WA

Saturday, June 2, 2012


After many months holed up in our Lycanthropic Sounds Workshop, (((6))) has finally sculpted out a live set that we feel worthy of public performance...

June 22nd will be our first 2012 performance and marks our first appearance as a duo.  It will feature tracks such as Release the Sheiks & Nite City which have not been performed live in many years as wells as songs off of isolated incidents, Arp Little Secret & Pick Up.

(((6))) Live @ CPR
Friday June 29th
4109 Melrose Ave. (near LACC/ Vermont Ave.)
Free before 12 w/ Facebook RSVP
w/ Thee Gabe, Pan, Amoreena
Sleepmask video premier

Pick Up received an in depth write up from Brian @ Norman Records:

Who the fuck are these weirdos? This is one of those mad records that sounds like Add N [to X] at first with banks of gurgling, fizzy chattering bulky synths entwining over a kind of doomy techno 808 churn. The title track sounds like something old and experimental like Tuxedomoon re-imagined by Miss Kittin for a modern LA dancefloor.
It's all over the place and has a guitar solo on it. Guitar solos and electronic beats suck usually but this one miraculously gets away with it as it's quite unusual and has a weird backwoods feel to it. I'm reminded a bit of outsider yank collectives like Schizo Fun Addict or the later gear from Excepter but there's also a Kool Pop/DHR feel to its stuttering icy-cool shadings. Once again that strange Berlin/NY loft experimentation comes to the fore on S2's 'Overgrowth', a pulsing retro electroid leg-shagger that juxtaposes some vintage electronic panning, demented wasp synths with a relentless beat and slinky dispassionate female vocals.
The EP concludes with the most remarkable track, 'Blame & Blood', which is simply insane and cannot be accurately conveyed or described in simple words. Like some kinda manic industrial electronic ghetto funk replete with the wail of wild cosmic seduction with the craziest M/F call-and-response vocal tagging you'll hear. A damn interesting EP with enough strong ideas and unhinged tunes to truly satisfy the stranger dance-floors of the galaxy.

The Pick Up 12" is now available from the following online outlets:

You can also order directly from 4:2:2v2

 We are not offering the record for sale on our website.
Those of you in the L.A. area can pick it up in person @ Amoeba. While supplies last (((6))) will have them available @ one of this summer's live shows. More L.A. dates are planned as well as SF, Bakersfield & a possible trip up to the Pacific Northwest.

(((6))) decided to put off our European jaunt until 2013 as to focus on our 1st full length LP.  However we are hopeful to finally make it back out to the East Coast in October.  Any leads on venues and/or promoters are welcome, please email or facebook us.

Chadwick (White Devil) & The Saint Astar Ivanka
The Secret Society of the Sonic Six

Monday, March 19, 2012

March (((6))) Update

On Saturday, March 31st, the XY:XX crew is throwing a listening party for our upcoming 12" "Pick Up" @ Barcade.  (((6))) will have copies of the record for sale along with previous releases, feel free to bring old releases if you'd like to get them signed.  We will be playing tracks off the record and Chadwick will do a guest DJ spot.  This event is FREE! 

We're looking forwards to seeing you...

Chadwick (White Devil) & The Saint Astar Ivanka
The Secret Society of the Sonic Six

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Update

2012 Update

The new year brings about big changes for (((6))) with the departure of co-founder Rufo Noriega.  Mr. Noriega has decided to focus on his printing and Gregorian Chant.  He leaves behind an excellent body of work both musically and artistically and his live presence has always been a great asset. Our next two releases will feature his best artwork to date. 

With Rufo's departure, we have taken time to reflect on our back catalog and are working on a new set for 2012.  This year we will be playing tracks from the new releases as well as resurrecting tracks that have not been played in years, such as Nite City and Release the Sheiks. For the time being we plan to perform as a duo, with Chadwick running the machines, doing the treated vocal parts & playing Bass Clarinet and Astara focusing on her chanteuse role.  Live performances should commence in March.  We are working towards a west coast jaunt in late spring and a small east coast and Euro trip in summer.

We are asking for help in putting together these tours, especially in Europe.  We've sold many records to European fans so if any of you out there would like to help us set up a show in your city, please contact us!

4:2:2v2 has set a March 1st release date for the Pick Up 12".  The test pressing sounds incredible!  The Steiner lathe cut/CD package will follow, as will the video.  Unfortunately, that project has been stalled out with a few post-production and manufacturing issues but we do know that it is nearing completion.

Signing off for now...

Chadwick (White Devil) & The Saint Astara Ivanka
The Secret Society Of The Sonic Six

"Pick Up"