"Who the fuck are these weirdos? This is one of those mad records that sounds like Add N [to X] at first with banks of gurgling, fizzy chattering bulky synths entwining over a kind of doomy techno 808 churn. The title track sounds like something old and experimental like Tuxedomoon re-imagined by Miss Kittin for a modern LA dancefloor.
It's all over the place and has a guitar solo on it. Guitar solos and electronic beats suck usually but this one miraculously gets away with it as it's quite unusual and has a weird backwoods feel to it. I'm reminded a bit of outsider yank collectives like Schizo Fun Addict or the later gear from Excepter but there's also a Kool Pop/DHR feel to its stuttering icy-cool shadings. Once again that strange Berlin/NY loft experimentation comes to the fore on S2's 'Overgrowth', a pulsing retro electroid leg-shagger that juxtaposes some vintage electronic panning, demented wasp synths with a relentless beat and slinky dispassionate female vocals.
The EP concludes with the most remarkable track, 'Blame & Blood', which is simply insane and cannot be accurately conveyed or described in simple words. Like some kinda manic industrial electronic ghetto funk replete with the wail of wild cosmic seduction with the craziest M/F call-and-response vocal tagging you'll hear. A damn interesting EP with enough strong ideas and unhinged tunes to truly satisfy the stranger dance-floors of the galaxy."

"...Vintage synths aside, SSSS have deftly created a 5-track experience that tours everything from French vogue to old school sci-fi, and places the snapshots squarely in an as-yet-indefinable space, if not time. Running under the current of their cool retro chic is a similar kind of suggestive but reserved and elusive sex appeal as was often present, but never outrageously so, in golden-era Hollywood (think white suits, slick hair, smokin’ dames and the subtleties of movement and you’d be on the right track). If such overtly retro film noir pastiche ever stood a chance of being made to sound in any way futuristic, modern, or at the very least relevant rather than merely nostalgic or novel, SSSS – or (((6))) – might just be the ones to do it..."

--Angie Mack "Arp Little Secret" review on [sic] magazine site. Full review here.

"...Stripped down synth from Los Angeles which takes “Hot on the Heels of Love” flambĂ© and filters it through Minimal Man empty parking lot at 3 AM noir - sounds that boarder on menacing, but are a little too stylized to threaten. SSSS cut their darkness with art, creating the same kind of atmosphere heard in the late 70s San Francisco art/synth scene..."

--Scott Soriano "isolated incidents 1.1" 12" review on Z Gun website. Full review here. 

"...The opening track "Tracers" is a hypnotic synth heavy piece with droning bass lines and dark, edgy vox. "Bad Citizen" showcases the Nina Hagen and Cramps influences heavily. It's sure to be a classic in the bands discography. My favorite song "Release the Shieks" follows, and starts off sounding very similar to the Sixteens recent work but quickly evolves into a rollicking upbeat dance number. This is a great fucking song that I just can't hear enough of. "J Ward" is a slightly more bouncy and fun track that's just as dark as anything else on the album. "VH" is a totally experimental piece that uses samples heavily. After all what would a good synth heavy album be without an experimental piece or two? The last track "Nite City" is another very experimental piece. Much more minimal than anything else on the album. I had the pleasure of seeing the band perform live a few months ago, and it was quite an experience. I highly recommend catching them..."

--Joshua A. Pfeiffer "Nite City" CD review on Full review here.

"...With the recent electro-clash revival plenty of posers have been strutting their scutt on the scene, so it's always nice to hear something that sounds authentic. While the Secret Society of the Sonic Six may has yesterdays electro/no-wave vibe down pat, these guys have turned all of the complexity and contradiction of the electro-clash era on its head..."

--Drowning In Culture J-Ward 12" review.  Full review here.
"...A nite of shock, schlock and electropurring. Dirty analog electronics and a prowling sense of the theatric sculpt a prancing paean to Suicide, Gina X and TG. The punk stops here."
--Michael Stock (Co-Founder Part Time Punks/Punky Reggae Party club nites)

"Unnerving, unrelenting, and uncompromising electronic rock, slithering from the underbelly of Los Angeles, The Secret Society of the Sonic Six is a dark and disturbing vision of modern life."
--Lance Rock, superstar Dj & star of Yo Gabba Gabba

"Sleaze & no wave that would make Alan Vega cry."
--Phil, Tronics Records

"L.A. Dance Thugs"
--SF Bay Guardian

"They are one of my 5 favorite bands of the last decade! Rarely does something come that's so different, but still really GOOD. It's very hard to classify their music, which - in itself - is very
unusual nowadays."
--Brian Kehew Moog Cookbook, AIR (French Band), Hole, Prick, Dave Davies, Alice Cooper

"The SS Sonic Six thrusts original, sleazy, sexy noir sensibility into the modern world. I miss that in most bands these days... The best live act I've seen in ages..."
--Kid Congo Powers - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Gun Club, the Cramps

"Like a blast from a horrible past that may have never existed."
--Howie Pyro - NYC punk legend, member of D Generation, Danzig