Friday, April 26, 2013

Len Del Rio Joins The Secret Society Of The Sonic Six!

(((6))) is very excited announce the arrival of it's newest member...Mr. Len Del Rio!

Having worked closely with (((6))) on our last few recording projects, as well as directing the Blame and Blood video, Del Rio is no stranger to the sonic sounds of (((6))).

Len brings a rich musical legacy to the band, having recorded and performed with Lydia Lunch, Brainticket, Helios Creed, Hawkwind's Nik Turner and Damo Suzuki from Can.  His own bands include Pressurehed and Anubian Lights.

Click here to check out his extensive discogs page and to read a wonderful, astroglogically based overview of Len's musical career click here.

Mr. Del Rio will be focusing on Moog and Juno sounds, freeing Chadwick up to focus more on Bass Clarinet and Guitar and giving (((6))) an opportunity to inject a bit more organic energy to the live performances.

Our first performance as a three piece will be in LA,  May 11th.

686 N. Spring Street. (@ Ord)
Los Angeles (Chinatown)